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Let Us Tell You Our Story

AgriTechs which stands for 'Agricultural Technologies' is a Tanzania based startup company that's focused on harnessing the power of modern technologies and digital advancement to build precise, sustainable, environment-friend and affordable solutions to problems that are facing Tanzanian farmers. AgriTechs is determined to be the light that reveals the unlimited potentials that technology can offer to farmers, and bring smart experiences that are going to enable agriculture to efficiently thrive for the next 100 years.


To define the future of farming by harnessing the power of modern technologies to build smart, sustainable, environmentally-friendly and affordable solutions to challenges that are facing the agricultural sector in Africa.


To promote social and economic growth in the agricultural sector through affordable, convenient and profitable technology-based farming approaches.

Making Urban Farming Possible

Our Core Values For Better Agriculture


Agriculture is a people business. The company strives to connect with relevant stakeholders in the industry to share knowledge, resources and grow together through partnerships along the value chain of our products and services.

Customer Centric

Customers are the lifeblood of our business. We aim to exceed customers’ expectations by offering high quality products and services coupled with exceptional customer care.

Industry Advocacy

The best way to help people understand the role of youths and women in agriculture is to provide means that maximize their potential and productivity. Our approaches are designed to equip youths and women to be advocates of our industry and ensure that they receive sustainable income and encourages more food production

Shared Passion

We have all chosen our respective careers because we are excited and energized to be involved in agriculture and make a difference. This shared passion runs as a common thread that unites us with all other farmers in the industry.

Encourage Innovation

Innovation starts from the willingness to make things better. The company deeply respects and values the knowledge, skills, ideas and capabilities that each player brings to the team. We encourage team members to be creative and develop new ideas.


We continually strive to do more with less. The ability to feed the future is vested on the proper farming approaches that prove to be environmentally-friendly. It is our responsibility to create fiscally stable and environmentally sustainable agribusinesses that serve as better stewards for the environment that serves us all, especially by addressing climate-smart farming.


The Great Team Will Always Help You

Praygod Japhet
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Jimmy Mwigeka
Chief Financial Officer
Gift Nnko
Hardware Developer
Danford Kija
Software Developer