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AgriTechs The Future of Agriculture

AgriTechs Company Limited is a Tanzania based company, focused on defining the future of farming by harnessing the power of modern technologies to build smart, sustainable, environmentally-friendly and affordable solutions to challenges that are facing the agricultural sector in Africa.

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What we do

Hydroponics, A Soil-less Farming System

Smart hydroponics is a combination of soilless farming and Internet of Things technology. It enables farming on small spaces with up to 300% yield increase, reduces water use by 90% and saves hundreds of hours that could be used to monitor the farm manually through irrigation automation, remote and real time monitoring of the farm through our mobile phone application.

Soilless Farming

We enable you to save space and increase your yield by employing Hydroponics system to grow your vegetables and fruits

Automation & Monitoring

Our systems are equipped with modern technology to enable automated control and remote monitoring through your smartphone

Our Products

Products We offer

Healthy vegetables and fruits

By using our own technology, the company looks to invest in the production and selling of fresh, nutritious and safe vegetables and fruits.

Product & Service
Hydroponics Systems Installation

We design, manufacture, and install hydroponics systems for interested farmers. Our systems are highly customized to ensure affordability, profitability and convenience

Agricultural Projects Management

We provide consultation on the crop protocols, management schedules, evolutions and recommendations for your farm.

Market Linkage

We provide reliable and lucrative market linkages to farmers that use our services and products on contractual basis.


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